Margot lives in private rented property with her husband and two young children.

Margot explained that she had been issued with a notice seeking possession as their landlord intended to sell the property. Margot was concerned about what this would mean for her and her family. She explained that she had started to look for other housing, however wanted more time to allow her to do this due to concerns over not being able to find suitable housing in time.

Our housing adviser identified that the notice was not valid as the landlord had not followed the correct procedure and requested the landlord withdraw the notice to give Margot and her family more time to find alternative accommodation. The landlord did not withdraw the notice and Margot was issued with court papers advising her of a court date. Attending court to defend her tenancy was a daunting experience so our housing adviser attended with her.

The housing adviser, acting on Margot’s behalf, made the court aware of the errors in the notice. The case was dismissed and Margot and her family were not made homeless. This has allowed Margot the time to find suitable housing, our housing adviser is continuing to support with this advising on the bond scheme, Homeseekers and ensuring Margot is in receipt of her full benefit entitlement.

Margot was so grateful for the advice and support she has received, especially the representation at court. Margot feels better able to secure suitable and affordable housing now that she does not have the fear of being out on the ‘street’ with her family. Our support has eased her stress and anxiety and she feels empowered to take the next steps.

Margot lives in private rented property with her husband and two young children.

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